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The season is underway, ladies. I sent you all an email with all of our picks. Also, there have been a couple of rule clarifications that need to be written out next year. So thank you for those of you that brought them to my attention. I'll make sure to be as clear as possible next year. I'll do a breakdown of some of the picks, either later in this post, or later. Depending on how long this takes to do. So first off, let's MEET THE COMPETITORS.

2 Time & Defending Champion - Anthony Folden

Folden won both the inaugural season of Football God, as well as last season. He sandwiched a 3rd place finish in the 2009 season. Folden is getting married next summer, and living in North Carolina.

Previous Football Gods
2008 - 1 of 4
2009 - 3 of 10
2010 - 1 of 9

Projected 2011

10th of 12. I think it's a down year for him. However, he is very independent

New Guy around - Simon Woods

Simon lives in Huntington, WV and is just finishing up his Masters. He is new to Football God, but he's sweet as a black bear. If you are curious which one he is in this picture he is the only one that obviously doesn't fit in.

2011 Projection 9th of 12

Simon seems to know his shit, but it's tough for a newbie to come in and win.

Colin Reilly

Colin lives in Buffalo and just got married to his longtime lady Kristen. He's expecting his first child, a red haired baby boy, this winter. Colin was in Football God 2009 where he finished in a pathetic 9th out of 10. And, no, it wasn't a shot gun wedding.

Previous Football Gods

2009 - 9 of 10

Projected 2011

I'm gonna say Colin does better. Exactly one spot better. I'm gonna give him an 8th of 12

Shawn Voyten

Shawn is a slick cat, who lives in Pittsburgh. He's in his third year of Football God, with a 2nd place finish in 2009, followed by a sad 8th out of 9 last year. Shawn is a myserious man, and it's almost impossible to find a fucking picture of him on facebook. There are like 10 to choose from.

Previous Football Gods
2009: 2 of 10
2010: 8 of 9

Projected 2011 3 of 12

I'm gonna play the upswing. I like to think Shawn can push it back up, but Shawn likes to take the occasional gamble on his predictions. May hold him back from the title.
Joe McLane

Joe just finished up his degree in Pharmacy and now works as the guy behind the counter at Ride Aid who hates taking your shit. He's living in WV with his girlfriend in cozy house.

Previous Football Gods
2009 - 5th of 10
2010 - 5th of 9

Projected 2011

5th of 12. I like consistency.

Jeff Bonaventura

Bono lives in Fairmont WV, where he just got engaged, tonight, to his lady. Congrats Bono. Here's she is in the picture. A little eye candy for the guys. Seriously happy for you bud. Bono had his first season in football god last year, putting up a stellar 3rd.

Previous Football God

2010 - 3 of 9

Projected 2011 7 of 12

I actually like Bono's predictios a lot, but he had a habit of not keeping up with his roster a bit last year.

John McLane

John is a lawyer, who lives in Morgantown WV. He is a lawyer, but i don't know what the fuck he actually does for a living. Probably some lawyering. John made the ballsiest picks in the predictions. Fun to read, easy to predict.

Previous Football Gods

2010 - 6 of 9

Projected 2011

12 0f 12.

2009 Football God Champ - Adam Johnson

You guys all know me, no need for a recap

Previous Football Gods

2008: 4 of 4
2009: 1 of 10
2010: 2 of 9

Projected 2011 11 of 12

This feels like a down year for me this year. I dunno why.

Dan Geissler

Geiss lives in Beckley WV with his wifey, Lauren. I'm running out of gas on these things so I'm just going to the meat.

Previous Football Gods

2008 2 of 4
2009 7 of 10
2010 9 of 9

Prediction 2011 2 of 12

I think this is gonna be an up year for Geiss. Think he's gonna take it to the wire.

Andrew Johnson

Previous Football Gods

2009 8 of 10
2010 7 of 9

2011 Prediction 6 of 12

I think Andrew is gonna do a little better this year than previous years. But only a little better

Jim Rowing
Previous Football God's
2008: 3 of 4
2009: 6 of 10
2010: 4 of 9

2011 Prediction

I'm gonna assume another 4th out of 12 this year for Jimbo.
Chris Coldsmith

So here it is. The idiot I think will win this year. I don't know why.

2009: 4 of 10

Prediction 2011: 1 of 12

So those are my predictions for the year guys. Payouts this year will be

1st $160
2nd $60
3rd $20

2011 Predictions

1. Chris
2. Geiss
3. Shawn
4. Jim
5. Joe
6. Andrew
7. Bono
8. Colin
9. Simon
10. Folden
11. Adam
12. John

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