Monday, January 23, 2017

Post championship update

So, let's start with what predictions we have left.

The superb owl champion can only be predicted by hale.

The NFL awards Will Be Given out eventually....So Those still Exist

And the Lombardi award isn't given out until the week after superbowl. So let's enjoy never picking that award again.

In the meantime. Nobody had the Falcons in the super bowl. And the people who repped the pats are me, folden, and hale. 20 points a piece

Also me and folden had the steelers losing the afc title game. So that's 15 points to each of us.

And, myself, jim, colin, and geiss had the Packers as nfc championship losers. That's 15 points a piece too.

Lastly each of the pick em were worth 5 points with me, jim, folden, colin, shawn, and hale eacheck getting 1 game right.

So here are the points earned this week.

Adam 55
Folden 40
Hale 25
Jim 20
Colin 20
Geiss 15
Shawn 5

That puts our season total at this point to this.

Adam 1010
Shawn 893
Colin 890
Folden 865
Joe 834
Gross 792
Rob 783
Gary 746
Jim 728
Hale 677
Munez 657
Epson 557

Really close between 2nd and 3rd. The superbowl pickem may be the decider there.

Also don't discount folden yet. If he's able to profit in one of the individual awards then he could jump into the top 2 as well.

And, it's official that I'm going to be the champion of football god 9.

That's it for today. Back for another update after the individual award finalists are named

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