Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Point Update

What's up guys.  Quick update now that the National Championship is over

Folden, Colin, and Gary each earned 30 points for picking Clemson to win it all.

Jim earned 20 points for picking Alabama as the runner up.

Folden and kentucky Hillbilly earned 10 points for picking Clemson in the bowl pick'em.

Folden, Hale, and Munez all finished tied for 2nd in the bowl pick 'em, so they split 2nd and 3rd place points, so 10 points a piece.

As far as the NFL pick'em went:

Folden, Geiss, Gary, Rob, Munez, and Shawn got 8 point.

Hale, Colin, Adam, and Joe got 6 points.

Jim got 4 points, and Eplin has apparently thrown in the towel.

For the week, the biggest mover was Folden, but here are your totals.

Folden 58
Colin 36
Gary 38
Jim 24
Hale 16
Munez 18
Dan 8
Rob 8
Shawn 8
Adam 6
Joe 6

Adam 947
Shawn 880
Colin 864
Joe 828
Folden 819
Rob 777
Geiss 773
Gary 738
Jim 704
Munez 651
Hale 646
Eplin 557

Compared to last week, Folden made the biggest jump.  He went from 7th to 5th, and while he was 67 points out of 3rd then with 4 people to pass, he's now 45 points out of 3rd with 2 people to pass.  And, he's only 9 points out of 4th.

This helped Colin a lot too, as Joe had Bama winning and Clemson as the runner up.  If Bama had won, Joe would be solidly in 3rd place, with the ability to catch Shawn for 2nd.

As it stands, Colin now only sits 16 points behind Shawn for 2nd.

I have a 67 point lead over Shawn and an 83 point lead over Colin.

So, let's start with this question.  Can I still be caught?

Colin & Shawn both had Arizona winning the Superbowl and Pittsburgh in the superbowl.  They both also had New England losing the AFC Championship.  Most points available to them here are 35.  Shawn also had Carolina losing the NFC title game, so no points for him.  Colin had Green Bay so there's 15 more points available to him.

Colin also had Aaron Rodgers as MVP and he's on the short list to win it.  I also had him, but Shawn had Jameis Winston.

Colin 85
Voyten 55
Adam 105

We all had Ezekiel Elliott winning OROY.

Colin had Jalen Ramsey and I had Leonard Floyd winning Defensive Rookie of the year, which are both still possibilites.  Shawn had Shaq Lawson who is not.

Shawn and I both had Jordy Nelson as comeback player of the year, Colin had Andrew Luck.  I'd say it much more likely that Jordy wins that.  But, they are still available to Colin as well.

There are also 28 points of predictions still available.

Also, the Lombardi award, which has not been awarded yet, is still up for grabs.  The 4 finalists are Jonathan Allen, Lamar Jackson, Jabrill Peppers, and Myles Garrett.

That's 25 more points available to me and Shawn.

So, with all that being said, here are the maxium amount of points that each of us can still get.

Adam 158
Colin 133
Voyten 108

I'd say it's unlikely and nearly impossible that I get caught down the stretch.  I think Colin has a better shot than Shawn, just because Shawn and I have so many of the same predictions left.

Otherise, it appears Folden and Joe are very much still in the running for 3rd or even possibly 2nd.

Geiss & Rob sit in 6th and 7th, and although it's unliley to see them jump to the money, they both still have their Superbowl teams and AFC & NFC championship losers still there.  So, it's not out of the question to see them jump into the money if a lot of things go right for them.

That's all for this week.  Take 'er easy...If she's easy take 'er twice.

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