Thursday, January 22, 2015

Point Update 1/22/15

Hey fellas, I'm not going to go to long here, so I'll just get to it.

The biggest victor from championship weekend for us was Jim.  He correctly predicted the AFC and NFC winner as well as the NFC loser.  This gave him 85 big points and put him in the money for now.

The other big winner was Joe, who also correctly predicted the Superbowl.

Gary lost out on all of his potential points and Rob sort of limped along.

So, with only the Superbowl and the individual awards to come out.  Here are our standings.

1. Joe 878
2. Rob 814
3. Jim 796
4. Gary 770
5. Adam 762
6. Munez 742
7. Colin 705
8. Geiss 696
9. Andrew 671
10. Shawn 658
11. Folden 638
12. John 409

What this means, is that Joe has basically wrapped up his second championship in a pretty convincing fashion.  Rob or Jim would baically need to get all of the individual awards to prevent him at this point.

So, what we're really playing for is 2nd place.  Rob and Jim are both vying for that spot.  The other will likely end up with 3rd, with Gary, myself, and Munez on the outside looking in.

There will be one more point update after the individual awards are announced.  Dont' forget to get your last pick'em of the year in.

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