Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Point Update 01/13/2015

Hey guys, only a few weeks remain in the Football God season, and thinks are certainly beginning to show themselves.

Yesterday a few people got some points that helped their cause.  Joe was in 3rd going into the finale of the bowl pick'em last night.  However, Munez and I both picked the Ducks, while Joe picked the Bucks.

This gave him 67 points in the bowl pick'em edging out Andrew by 1 point.

This extends his lead on Rob to nearly 40 points and makes him almost a lock to finish in the money.

Geiss and Jim each received 30 points for having Oregon as the National Championship loser.  For Geiss this could be too little too late, but for Jim it appears he may have a new lease on this season.

Geiss's only real chance to get into the money is going to rely on the Colts reaching and winning the Superbowl.  For Jim, he still has his Super bowl champion, loser, and NFC championship loser still in it.  If Seattle and N.E reach the superbowl this week, Jim should jump up to the top 3.

What's going to stop Jim from winning, no matter how it plays out is that Joe has the same Superbowl winner and loser as Jim.  So, Jim's ability to rise can only go so far.

In the rest of the top 6, Rob is sitting at #2 right now.  His biggest hope is that Indi and Seattle both lose this weekend.  That would give him 65 more points and really help him guarentee to finish in the top 2.  Munez is sitting in 6th, not far from the money, but his Ability to rise is based solely on the remaining performance of the Patriots.

The last person to watch is Gary, who has Indi and Green  Bay in the Superbowl.  This could push Gary into the top as well.

As for Me, I sit in 4th only 8 points back from Gary, but it's virtually assured that I'm going to slip the rest of the way.  I have no NFL playoff contenders left to help prop my score up.  So I'll basically be a spectator the rest of the way.

Here are your points up to todays date.

1. Joe 823
2. Rob 784
3. Gary 765
4. Adam 757
5. Jim 721
6. Munez 717
7. Geiss 696
8. Colin 675
9. Andrew 671
10. Shawn 653
11. Folden 608
12. John 384

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