Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Football God VIII Rules

Welcome to another year of Football God.  We have 10 returning players this year, and two brand new players.  Those are Will Barnes and Matt Cvitkovic.  I'll start with some basic rules, most of which are copy and pasted from last year.

Here is how you win the Football God Championship.

You need to have the most cumulative points between several different categories.

Fantasy Football
College Weekly Pick'em
Pro Weekly Pick'em
Preseason Predictions.

Survival Pool

There is a NEW way to win points this year.  We will be doing a Survival/Suicide pool (depending on which name you know it by.)

The way this works is you pick one team every week to win a game.  Once you've used a team you cannot use them again the rest of the season.  If you pick a team and they lose, you are eliminated for the season.

There are only two ways to win points in this Survival Pool.  If you are the last person standing, you will win 50 Points.  However, if you and one other person lose on the same week, noone will receive any points.  The only other way to win points, is if you make it all 17 weeks without losing and there is another person who does the same.  In that event, any parties that make it to the end of the season will receive the full 50 points.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football scoring will go the same as it did last year.

There will be 12 teams, with the top 6 getting a playoff spot.

You receive 10 points for every regular season win.
You will receive 20 points for playoff wins
The top 2 regular season players will receive a first round bye that also wins them 20 points
If you win the Fantasy Championship you will receive a 50 points.

The draft order goes in reverse of last year's final standings.  With Will and Civ going to the back of the draft order since they are new players.  I flipped a coin for Will and Civ's draft position to make it easy.  That makes our draft order this year as follows.

#1 Folden
#2 Geiss
#3 Shawn
#4 Colin
#5 Adam
#6 Jim
#7 Munez
#8 Gary
#9 Rob
#10 Joe
#11 Civ
#12 Will

As always this will be a snaking draft, so Will has the last pick of the 1st round and the first pick of the second round.  Feel free to trade draft picks if you want.


Pro Pick'em and College Pick'em will work the same as last year.  You will receive one point for every game you predict correctly.  As well as a bonus every week that you have the highest combined total of games picked correctly between college and pro.  When only college or pro are playing (college in august, Pros in December) there will be a 5 point bonus.  The Winner of each Pro and College Pick'em will receive 50 points.  We will not be picking against the spread in the Pro Pick'em this year.

Bowl Pick'em

The bowl pick'em will go the same as last year, with the winner receiving 25 points.


I will send out the Template for Preseason Predictions next week, once I work the bugs out.  10 of the 12 of us know how this works already, so Will and Civ, feel free to ask me any questions once this gets going.

The league dues will be $40 again this year, so please mail them to me at 1441 Potomac Ave Apt#2 Pittsburgh, PA 15216.

If you want to give it to me in person that's fine but please do not hand me cash or send me cash in the mail.  Everything in check form please.

Lastly, we need to lock down a date to do the Fantasy Draft.  We will do it online as always.  The Season starts on Thursday September 10th.  I'd like to have the draft on Sunday September 2nd.  Does that work for everyone?

There will be lots of email requests to join each of the pick'em leagues, survival pool, and the template to fill out.  To the new guys, there is a lot that goes on at the beginning but once the season starts, it's just a matter of making picks for games, and setting a fantasy lineup.  So don't get discouraged.

I'll do my yearly introduction post in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime.  Email me any questions you have.

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