Monday, February 3, 2014

Football God Final Standings

So, the Broncos lost last night.  Meaning that there weren't many points at risk.  However, it came down to the pick'em.

Colin picked the Broncos, while Joe picked the Seahawks.  This oversight by Colin means that he again is the Football God runner up.  Sort of fitting for a guy who lives in Buffalo to be unable to get over the hump to win the championship.

Congratulations to your winner.  Joe McLane.  

1st - Joe McLane 739 ($240)
2nd - Colin Reilly 732 ($120)
3rd - Rob Klingensmith 704 ($40)

To give you an idea of how rapidly Joe rose through the points, and why you shouldn't give up, is that a little more than a month ago he was in 8th place.  Of course, he predicted the Conference championships, Superbowl, some Individual awards right, but his comeback is astonishing none the less.

Here's how the rest of us finished

4th Andrew Johnson 687
5th Jim Rowing 669
6th Shawn Voyten 629
7th Adam Johnson 598
8th Anthony Folden 550
9th Chris Coldsmith 535
10th John McLane 495

Ahh, John.  Finishing in dead last 3 years in a row. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the season.  Winners, I'll be in touch with you about your money.  We'll see you again next year.

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