Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rules for Football God 2012

So,  here the rules for Football God 2012.  You will notice a lot of them are the same as last year, however, I have posted the updates in bold.

20 points if you predict the winner of each of the 11 confrences. These are:

Big 10
Big 12
Big East
Pac 10
Sun Belt
Conference USA
Mountain West

Total: 220 points

Bowl Games

Name the 8 teams that will be in the BCS Bowls (not including National Champion).  Clarification on a couple rules from last year.  If you have a team in the BCS championship and they only get into a BCS game, you receive no points.  Also, you can't put a team in a BCS championship game, and a smaller BCS game like the rose bowl, or anything else like that.  

15 points each

Total = 120 points

National Championship

First you will need to predict the championship game. Each team you get correct will net you 30 points. Also pick the champion. Picking that correctly will net you 50 points.

Total possible 110

Also, this year we will try to predict the winner of more individual awards. ( 35 points each)

I took out the Davy O'Brian award, because the Heisman is basically the award for best quarterback already.  So, fuck that noise.  

Heisman Trophy (Best Overall Player)
Fred Biletnikoff award (Best Receiver)
Doak Walker Award (Best Running back)
AP Coach of the year award
Chuck Bednarik Award (Defensive player)

Total 175 points

Grand total for college preseason predictions. 600

Pro Preseason Scoring

Pick the winner of the 8 divisions - 20 points a piece

Total = 160

Predict the four wildcard winners 20 points a piece

Total = 80

Pick the 4 teams that will play in the AFC and NFC championship games (25 points a piece)

Total = 100


Each team you get correct to play in the superbowl will net you 30 points a piece, picking the winner will get you 50 points

Total: 110

NFL individual awards

Each of these that you predict will net you 35 points (25 last year).
Coach of the year
Offensive POY (player of the year)
Defensive POY
Off ROY (rookie of the year)

Total = 175 points


Thats good for a grand total of 1200 points available. That's more than last year, but also a lot less than two years ago when we had about 2000 available points in the predictions.

If you have any troubles figuring out some of the college stuff, just look up people's predictions online. Also, I'm watching sports center right now and Eric Allen looks a lot like a black version of red skull, when he's in HD. Creepy. Also someone please check my math for me, I'm not trying to stress over this.

Pick 'Em Scoring

Pretty simple here, I'm setting up a pick 'em league. You make picks. You get one point for each pick, this is for pro and college picks. College picks are done against the spread, while Pro games are picked straight up.

For college and Pros put together that gets you around 500 possible points.

Updated scoring opportunity.  We will be doing the bonus system again for having the most points each  week in the system.  However, it will be a little different this year.  In the weeks where both the college & pros are playing at the same time, there will be a 10 point bonus to the person who does the overall best on that week.  The weeks when only one of the two are playing, there will be a 5 point bonus.  

For the bowl games, those are worth 2 points a piece. The BCS games are worth 5 points. The Championship Game is worth 10 points.

For the NFL playoffs, the Wild Card and Divisional Round of the playoffs are worth 5 points each
The AFC Championsip is worth 10 points. The Superbowl is worth 15.

Change:  The winner of the college pick'em will receive 30 bonus points.
The winner of the NFL pick 'em will win 30 bonus points.
IF YOU WIN BOTH you will receive 75 bonus points. 
Post season Bowl Pick 'em winner will receive a 10 point bonus
NFL post season does not award a bonus.

Fantasy Football

So, Fantasy Football awards the least amount of points, but usually has the biggest division between first and last. Last Year Folden and I scored about 100 points more than Shawn, which is a bigger gap than the Pick 'em usually awards. So we will keep scoring on that basically the same.  Update:  For those who make the playoffs for fantasy football.  Everybody will get an automatic 10 bonus points for making the fantasy football playoffs.  

10 points for each win. 14 games
If you get a first round bye you get 20 points
If you win the first round you get 20 points
If you win the Semi-finals you get 20 points
If you win the Championship you get 30 points

Also, back to the predictions, if you have a team in the championship game in college, but they make a BCS bowl, that does not count as a point for you. Likewise, if you have a team in a BCS game, but they make the National Championship, you don't get any points.

Predictions are due for college football the Sunday before the first week of the season.  For the NFL it's the Sunday before their first game.  

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