Monday, January 9, 2012

Football God: Week 19: Tebow, Tebowed, my Tebow

First, I need to admit a fault here. In the template I sent out with everyone's picks, I put the wrong Championship game for Joe. I put Oklahoma winning it, It was supposed to be Alabama. So, I changed it in mine, and apologize for the confusion.

So, the Steelers lost, the Tebow's won. And here we are, with the college football season over. We've got a big update in scores here, seperating the field a little bit, thanks to a big 50 point bonus for the teams that picked Alabama to win the National Championship. Those people were:

Adam, Andrew, Shawn, Simon, Folden, Joe, and Bono

Also, congrats to Geiss on winning the bowl pick 'em, he'll pick up an extra 10 points there.

The only points left for the season are the play off pick 'em, which has no bonus, and a few of the pre season predictions.

The NFL will be unveiling all of their regular season awards the day before the Super Bowl. Other than that, we have just the AFC/NFC championship game teams, the Conference Champs, and the Superbowl Winner.

Also, for the pick 'em, keep in mind that the wildcard and the divisional round of the playoffs are worth 5 points a piece, the conference championship picks are worth ten points, and the super bowl is worth 15. Here are the scores.
Total score +bowl pick'em score + play off pick'em score + college national championship bonus+ 10 point bowl pick 'em bonus for Geiss = total score

Jim - 681+57+5=743
Shawn - 680+39+15+ (50)=784
Joe - 642+60+5 +(50)= 757
Andrew - 648+51+5=704 (50)=754
Geiss - 608+74+15= 697+10=707
Adam - 605+57+15 (50)=727
Simon - 598+66+10=664 (50)= 724
Colin - 611+57+5=673
Folden - 599+43+15=657 (50)= 707
Bono -578+67+10=655 (50) = 705
Munez - 575+50+5=630
John- 379+ 57=454

1. Shawn 784
2. Joe 757 (-27)
3. Andrew 754 (-30)
4. Jim 743 (-39)
5. Adam 727 (-57)
6. Simon 724 (-60)
7. Folden 707 (-77)
8. Geiss 707 (-77)
9. Bono 705 (-79)
10. Colin 673 (-111)
11. Munez 630 (-154)
12. John 454 (what the fuckkkkk eeevvveerr)

So, for the rest of the season, here is what we have left

Shawn, Simon, Jim, Geiss, and Joe all have both of their Superbowl teams left in the playoffs. Those five, plus Colin and Folden still have their Superbowl winner left in the playoffs.

John, Bono, and Munez all have neither of their Superbowl teams left in the playoffs, with myself and Andrew having our Superbowl loser still in the mix.

All of us but Colin and John have exactly one team left in the AFC championship, with nobody having two teams left.

In the NFC, myself, Andrew, Colin, and Shawn have our NFC championship still in play all of us having NO vs GB. Munez and Jim still have NO left, and everyone else has GB still in play.

I'm not going to try to make sense out of the awards. But this is pretty much where we are. Figure out from where you stand, compared to who has what left to know what you need to happen to finish in the top 3, which is who the money goes to. Until next week, I love you all.

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