Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Football God 2009 Champion: Adam Johnson

So, boys the season has hit it's end. The season is over and I emerged the victor. The difference between myself and Shawn on the season was 4 points. Pretty outstanding considering the amount of points this season.

The total of overall points finished up like this

Adam 1,247 ($100 first place, $20 first in predictions, $10 first in bowl pick 'em) $130
Shawn 1,243 ($20 second overall, $20 fantasy football champ) $40
Folden 1,091 ($10 tied for first in regular season pick 'em)
Munez 1,057 ($10 first place regular season fantasy football)
Joe 1,056
Jim 1,030
Geiss 1,019
Andrew 1,017 ($10 first place in pick 'em tied with folden)
Colin 964
Rob 800

I'll be home in about a week, so I'll collect the money from Jim and distribute it. As far as next year goes, send me a message if you'd like anything changed. All suggestions are welcome. In the next few weeks I'll tinker with the rules a little bit and fix some things up for next year. I've already got a decent start at it. First question is this though? Would you guys like to up the entry fee next year at all? If so, what level would you propose we do so at? Let me know guys. Great season.

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