Saturday, January 9, 2010

Football God Updates

Hey guys, I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated. In the past 17 days I've been at home for 6, had 8 guests in my apartment for 3 days, and spent 6 days in buffalo for work. So, there hasn't been a ton of time to get a lot done. However, we have persevered, and now things are pretty clear on the rest of the season. Let's start this update with fantasy football.

Congrats to Voyten, he dominated pretty hard throughout the season, and easily placed his dick inside Colin's mouth in the championship. Congrats, Pal. You are the bestest of the bestest.
In that vain, we can now tally up the total amounts of points won by each person for the fantasy season.

Shawn scored a total 195 points for the year. 100 regular season pointsl, 20 point bonus for 2nd in regular season. 25 point semi final win, 50 point finals win.

The other people receiving bonus points here are Colin (25), Munez (30), and Geiss (10). Here are our totals for the year altogether.

Shawn 195
Munez 150
Colin 115
Geiss 100
Folden 80
Rob 70
Joe 60
Andrew 50
Jim 50
Adam 40

Congrats to everyone on a good fantasy football season. From fantasy football there is $20 of the $200 prize pool promised to Voyten, and $10 to Munez for coming in first in the regular season.


So the Pick 'em went back and forth all year, but when the dust settled we had two guys on top.
Andrew & Folden both tied with 310 points. Andrew did this by finishing the last week of the season with a panty moistening 14 out of 16, while Folden knocked out 13 out of 16. What this means is that they are each promised $10 bucks of the prize pool, splitting the $20. Plus, they will split the first and second place pick 'em bonus of 50 and 30 points. So they each earned 40 bonus points. Also, Colin earned 15 bonus points for coming in third. Here's how many points we each got in the pick 'em for the year. Points are with the bonus's figured in.

Andrew 350
Folden 350
Colin 319
Adam 302
Jim 302
Joe 298
Geiss 295
Rob 294
Shawn 290
Munez 280
Next, here are the total points earned for the Bowl Pick 'em. This will be factored in with the play off pick 'em for the NFL for bonus and pay out.

Joe 45
Colin 39
Adam 39
Jim 37
Shawn 37
Rob 35
Geiss 34
Munez 34
Folden 33
Andrew 29

The Bonus and $10 pay out for this part will be applied after the NFL playoffs. The wildcard round is worth 2 points a piece, 3 points a piece for the Divisional round, 5 points a piece for the Conf Champ, and 10 points for the Superbowl.


All of the Predictions have been accounted for this year, accept for a few things. Superbowl, Conference champions, conference championship games. NFL Offensive & Defensive POY and Coach of the year. That being said, here is where the point totals have gotten us so far there.

Adam 710
Voyten 695
Joe 640
Jim 630
Folden 605
Geiss 570
Munez 540
Andrew 535
Colin 470
Rob 395

Before I move on I want to give credit on a couple of NFL predicitons to Folden. He had 6 out of the 8 division winners predicted, as well as 3 wildcard teams, including the Jets, which nobody else even considered this year. Nicely done, Folden.

Also, nod to both Voyten and Jim. Jim picked the #1 and #2 overall pick exactly, while Voyten got the #2 and #3 picks exact.

This season of football god is coming to an end. But there are still a few weeks left until the season totals are completely known. Here are our totals so far.

1. Voyten 1217
2. Adam 1091 (-126)
3. Folden 1068 (-149)
4. Joseph 1043 (-173)
5. Jimbo 1019 (-198)
6. Geiss 1009 (-208)
7.. Munez 1004 (-213)
8. Andrew 964 (-253)
9. Colin 943 (-274)
10. Rob 794 (-423)

Next week, I'll put out the scenarios of people who can still win overall. However, at this point it appears as though the most likely scenarios would include Rob, Colin, Munez, Joe, Geiss, and Jim all being statisically eliminated from overcoming Voyten for first. Second place overall pays out $20 too, and many people are still within striking distance of that.

The most likely scenarios of people being able to overcome Voyten for first would be me, if Indi were to win the AFC and the Superbowl or if Minnesota were to win the NFC and San Diego were not to win the AFC, Folden if Phili were to win the Superbowl, and possibly
Andrew with an outside shot, if a lot of things were to go his way, first and foremost the Patriots winning the Superbowl. However, next week things should be pretty clear.

Once again, I'm sorry this took so long to update. I encourage everybody to rework any of my math if you have any questions. The points for each prediction (as well as everything else) are available on the blog in August, Football God Rules post. I have worked all of this math out and double checked most of it, but i may have made mistakes along the way. Let me know if you have any questions or explanations on the points.

*Note: Due to popular demand, next season's football god fantasy league will go down from two starting QB's to 1, and the roster sizes will shrink from 20 to 17. More changes will be announced in the wrap up to the season.

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